Are you sick of that unsightly tree stump?

You’ve finally cut down that troublesome tree, but now you’re left with an ugly stump in its place!

It’s time to contact the team at Tree Tech Inc, serving the entire Bay Area! With more than 20 years of experience in the field of tree removal, we’re your source for a safe, prompt and affordable solution to your tree problems, including stump removal and stump grinding.

The right stump solution will vary according to the precise location and the nature of the surrounding terrain. In the case of a hill or other terrain where erosion can be troublesome, it may be best to grind the stump away, while leaving the roots intact. The roots provide stability to the surrounding earth and are essential for preventing erosion in many settings.

In other cases, the stump and the roots may be torn up as well. In cases where the stump is located in an open, level area, it can be a fairly straightforward process. In other situations, when the stump and roots are situated near a building or other structure, the roots must be removed by hand using picks, axes and shovels.

To remove or grind the stump, Tree Tech Inc, utilizes a special tool called a stump grinder. This grinds up and shaves the stump down to the very base, below the level of the surrounding earth. The stump grinding process may conclude right where the roots branch off. In the case of a large, old tree, the stump grinder may also be used to remove large roots.

Stump removal can be a time-consuming process, as many trees have a very involved root system that spreads many yards out from the site of the tree. Roots can also cause collateral damage to structures like sidewalks, roadways, masonry, walkways and foundations. What’s more, in some cases, large roots can continue to grow, sending up new shoots called suckers, which will grow into another tree. So the precise species of the tree will have an impact on whether the roots are removed.

On the other hand, there are some trees that have a fairly dense, shallow root ball, which makes stump removal is fairly simple and straightforward. These are some of the factors that we take into consideration when calculating a price quote for your stump grinding and removal project.

At Tree Tech Inc, we’re happy to provide a price quote for your stump removal project, in addition to other tree services such as tree removal and pruning. Call Tree Tech Inc, today at (408) 568-5408.