Tree Preservation

Your landscape is one of your most valuable assets, adding character and value to your home. Your trees are key elements of this equity and can create added value when properly maintained.

Tree Tech, Inc. is a full service arboricultural concern offering the latest and most technically advanced (sophisticated) services. We specialize in pre-construction tree evaluation, assessment and protection yet still are able to care for literally thousands of trees each year on established homes throughout the Bay Area. From normal maintenance pruning to cabling of weak structural components, we have the know-how to keep your trees in their prime of health and vigor.

In new construction, all county and city municipalities require a tree protection or preservation plan. The purpose of these ordinances is to ensure that all trees are not wipe out from its native vegetation. Trees provide many environmental benefits to everyone. From shade protection to improving air quality, many municipal ordinances require a tree plan to protect specimen size trees. This helps establish large-size trees on site without being wrongfully removed. That is why it is important for Tree Tech, Inc. to help with every client’s tree needs.  Give us a call (408) 568-5408