Tree Removal

With decades of tree removal services under our belt, Tree Tech Inc. have all the experience, equipment and man-power necessary to help remove any size tree throughout the Bay Area.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Although we’re nature lovers at heart, sometimes a tree removal is the last option available. There are many reasons why trees may need to be removed, these include:

•Tree is dead, diseased or dying
•Tree is leaning towards people or property
•It’s outgrown it’s growth area
•Branches are rubbing up against roofs, windows or power lines
•Roots causing major disturbance to walkway areas (driveway, sidewalk)>
•Storm Damage
•Open Cavities
•Cracks in the wood
•Loose or dead bark

Whatever the specific reason may be for your tree removal, it should never be performed by you or a non-professional. There’s a certain criteria you should look into before hiring someone to remove your tree. To start, the particular company should have all of the proper credentials. Experience is also of the utmost importance. Call Tree Tech, Inc for a free quote (408) 568-5408.